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Roma Street Parkland was created as part of a master plan to make an accessible linkage to the CBD and King George Square. The Parkland site was also designed to reconnect the local community and city infrastructure, whilst creating a public garden that would excite the imagination, encourage interaction and be an attractive and safe environment.

The design of the Parkland represented several challenges to its creators. A majority of the site had been previously inaccessible to the public and contained landfill as well as having varied terrain which included a cliff.

The design challenges were transformed by the Parklands at Roma Collaborative (PARC) which consisted of urban designer Joe Hruda, architect Malcolm Middleton and landscape architects Mark Fuller and Lawrie Smith. The problems of topography have been addressed by the introduction of a series of bridges and walkways which provide spectacular look outs and treetop walks. The walkways also serve a functional purpose in making the Parkland more accessible to pedestrians, wheelchair users and strollers.

Planting throughout the Parkland has been carefully considered and is sensitive to the climate. Microclimates representative of subtropical Queensland have been created in the Parkland as distinct precincts, creating the feel of a subtropical wonderland representing Queensland’s varied plant life.

The precincts in the Parkland are linked through several elements. The water feature which flows through the Spectacle Garden represents the spring from which the nearby Spring Hill took its name, links the Upper and Lower Parkland.

Flowing from the Red Garden through the Spectacle Garden, the Rainbow Serpent whose place in aboriginal mythology is closely linked to land, life water, social relationships and fertility, is represented in a stylised form by a colourful Croton hedge.

Sculptures and art works add to the visual stimulus of the  Parkland and also link the past heritage of the Parkland with its current natural and urban surrounds.

Last updated 09 April 2009

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