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Roma Street Parkland Curator profile

Name: Bob Dobbs
Role: Curator, Roma Street Parkland
Career Snapshot: Prior to his success at Roma Street Parkland, Bob spent 21 years managing commercial tea plants in Sri Lanka where he gained extensive knowledge and experience in horticultural activities. He then worked for 12 years with Brisbane City Council in their Parks and Gardens Department.
Career Highlight: Bob has won many high commendations for his horticultural work at Roma Street Parkland making his role there one of his best career highlights.
Creative Inspiration: Bob’s inspiration comes from nurturing plants and watching them grow which gives him a great feeling of satisfaction.
Dream Role: Curator, Roma Street Parkland
Alternate Career: Bob loves horticulture and is adamant that if he wasn’t a Curator, he would still be involved in a plant related profession.
Top Tips: To become a Curator, a TAFE or university qualification is generally required but Bob says that industry knowledge is a must and is best gained through work experience in a horticultural related business

Curator’s thoughts on Roma Street Parkland

Since the opening of Roma Street Parkland to the people of Brisbane in 2001, Bob Dobbs has been the man charged with the responsibility of creating a horticultural experience unlike any other in the Southern Hemisphere.

As Curator, Bob has orchestrated the successful development of a range of garden themed features inside a series of contrasting precincts throughout the Parkland which form a unique visiting encounter.

Bob is proud of all of the gardens that he has established at the Parkland which include a Bromeliad Garden, a Fern Garden and a Tropical Garden, and excitement is building for the new dedicated Palm Garden that he is currently working on.

Bob says that he finds working at the Parkland very rewarding as it offers a great amount of satisfaction for both himself and the visitors to the Parkland.

“The focus of the entire Parkland is that it is a show garden and it has to be maintained to a very high standard so people can gain a full appreciation for it when they visit.”

“The Parkland is still relatively new and I enjoy the challenges of getting about and developing it into a world class park which is what we are definitely working towards,” explains Bob.

There is no doubt that Bob has the knowledge for what it will take to create a world class horticultural wonderland having spent a significant part of his career with the Brisbane City Council’s Parks Department prior to his move to Roma Street Parkland.

For 12 years Bob’s gardening expertise in design and presentation was the key to keeping all of Brisbane’s central city parks, squares and malls looking their absolute best.

“I love planting different things and watching them develop and grow,” offers Bob.

“At Roma Street Parkland, we have received very high commendations for our gardening standards.”

One of the greatest achievements at the Parkland would have to be the Lake Precinct which Bob describes as a large area divided up into different rooms or sections and includes a wetland, a manicured lawn, a BBQ area and a large display of South Pacific plants.

With a solid commitment to the provision of variety, Bob’s hard work has led to the Parkland becoming a popular choice for festivals, functions and weddings.

Bob’s passion for horticulture will ensure that his creations continue to add beauty and diversity to Roma Street Parkland and in time, a world class reputation will almost certainly be earned.

Last updated 09 April 2009

'Wonderful achievment,
beautiful for all to see'

Molly and Richard,
United Kingdom

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