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  • Excessive consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Parkland.


  • Gas fired BBQs are permitted provided they are not operated within three (3) meters of any foliage.
  • Protective matting must be placed on the ground to prevent fat or oil residue scorching of the grass or creating dirty/slippery concrete.
  • Any residue such as fat or oil must be removed from the Parkland and not disposed of on garden beds or lawn areas as it will cause damage.

Bicycle safety

  • All bicycle riders must be aware that the pathways and roads throughout the Parkland are for pedestrian use also and therefore must slow down in high pedestrian traffic areas.
  • Alert pedestrians of your presence by ringing your bell and give way to pedestrians at all times.
  • Bicycles are not permitted in the Spectacle Garden.
  • No stunts/tricks are to be performed on any structure.

Games/sporting activities

  • No games or sporting activities of any type are to be played where the activity will affect the health and safety of any person or where the activity causes damage to the Parkland.
  • No organised ball games are permitted in the Parkland.
  • No cricket stumps/net stakes are to be driven into the lawn surface.
  • No kicking of footballs when the safety of other visitors is at risk.
  • No studded footwear is allowed.


  • Decanting from bottles is permitted providing matting or other covering is placed to protect the area and collect broken glass.
  • All beverages must be decanted from glass bottles and consumed in plastic or acrylic containers.
  • In certain areas, glass is not permitted at all. Please adhere to the relevant signage in designated areas.

Hot water

  • Hot water is available at the Roma Street Parkland at the main BBQ area.
  • If brought into the Parkland it must not be disposed of on garden beds or lawn areas as it may cause damage.
  • Hot water may be disposed in a drain or removed from the Parkland.


  • Ice must not be disposed of on garden beds or lawn areas as it may cause damage.
  • Ice is to be disposed in a drain or removed from the Parkland.


  • Noise, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994 is to be controlled so that noise levels do not disturb the general public outside the hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm (Monday to Saturday) and 8:00am to 10:00pm (Sunday).

Open flame

  • No open fires are permitted at any time.
  • No candles or portable burners are to be lit within the Parkland.

Pedestrian safety

  • Pedestrians must be aware that cyclists are allowed to ride on footpaths unless signed otherwise.
  • Cyclists must give way to pedestrians.
  • To avoid any disruption, pedestrians are asked to be predictable and keep to one side of the pathway.
  • If you are walking a pet, please be mindful to keep your pet on a short leash.


  • Pets are permitted in the Roma Street Parkland but they must be with their owner and on a leash at all times.
  • They must be well behaved; dangerous breeds are not permitted.
  • Owners must ensure that their pet is not a nuisance and that they clean up after their pet immediately.
  • Disposal bins and bags are located at each entry point to the Parkland.
  • Pets are not permitted in the Spectacle Garden.

Photography and filming


  • No power is available for general users.
  • Only battery operated equipment may be used.

Rollerblades and skateboards

  • Rollerblading and skateboarding are permitted in the Parkland however you must give way to pedestrians at all times and no tricks (including grinding and jumps) are to be performed using Parkland property as it can cause irreparable damage.
  • Rollerblades and skateboards and similar items are not permitted to be ridden in the Spectacle Garden.


  • No camping or sleeping overnight is permitted in the Parkland.


  • Roma Street Parkland is a Queensland Government facility. Smoking is prohibited in all government buildings, which includes Melange Cafe.
  • Queensland law prohibits smoking in public within four (4) metres of any non-residential building entrance and also within ten (10) metres of any children’s playgrounds.


  • No banners, flags or apparatus are to be attached or tied to any part of the Parkland including hard structures or trees unless approved by Parkland Management.
  • A freestanding shade structure is permitted. NO PEGS are to be utilised or driven into the Parkland surface. It is recommended that sandbags are brought to weigh down the structure.
  • Structures may not be erected where the health and safety of any person is affected or where it causes damage to the Parkland.


  • There is no swimming, fishing or boating permitted in the lake.


  • While some visitors may like to feed the wildlife if they sight them in the Parkland, feeding is not permitted as it may cause the wildlife to become dependant on an artificial food source which is not healthy for them.

If you are unsure about anything you wish to do in the Parkland, please contact the Administration Office during business hours on 07 3006 4545 for further information.

Last updated 19 January 2011

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