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The Parkland has a selection of specialised guided walks which enable you to find out more about different aspects of the Parkland design, flora, art and history. In addition to this there is the Sensory walk and an Auslan interpreter walk.

Auslan interpreter walk

The Auslan interpreter walks are based around the general walks and include a sign language interpreter alongside out volunteer guide, presenting the walk.

Art walk

Take a look at the many interesting pieces of art within the Parkland and find out more about how they are incorporated into the horticultural and historical components of the Parkland.

Heritage walk

This walk will take visitors through the varied and colourful history of the Parkland focusing on its former uses, the people and groups that occupied the site and continuing though to the development of Roma Street Parkland in 2001.

'So impressed, will tell all our friends'
- Heritage walk participants during Heritage week.

Sensory walk

Aimed at stimulating the senses, memory and mood, the Sensory walk is designed for individuals that are vision impaired or those with brain injuries. This walk is largely based around the quiet surrounds of the Colin Campbell Place and The Forest. The Sensory walk is available to any group.

Curator’s walk

Go behind the scenes and gain a better understanding of the design and planning of the gardens.

Each walk is different giving you the chance to find out more about seasonal blooming plants, information on subtropical gardening or even the history of the Parkland.


All walks are free of charge. Bookings are essential for these specialised walks and 4 weeks notice is required. Please contact the Parkland Administration Office on (07) 3006 4545 during normal business hours.

Last updated August 2013

'Fantastic information from the guide regarding the Park's history which we were not aware of'

Gaye Lyons from Deaf Australia

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